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Club Repair and Fitting Center


Having your clubs setup properly is very important. Getting fit is a fraction of what clubs cost today. We provide a number of services to help you get your set in tune with your game. (Costs of services depend on the job and quality material you select):
  • Gripping + Grip of Choice $5
  • Shorten Cub + Grip $8
  • Lengthen Club + Grip $15
  • Reshaft Iron $35
  • Reshaft Wood $50
  • Putter Fit & Bend $25
  • Iron Bend $10
  • Iron Fit & Bend $100
  • Wedge Fit & Launch Monitor $75
  • Iron Fit & Launch Monitor $75
  • Driver Fit & Launch Monitor $75
  • Swing Weight CALL
  • Misc Repairs CALL
What You Should Know About Your Golf Clubs – by Jim Woods, PGA Class A Professional 


Do Your Golf Clubs FIT You?

Did you know that 80%-90% of all golfers play with clubs that don’t fit them? Many people don’t realize that many poor shots are caused by equipment that doesn’t fit. Here are a few things to consider whether you are just tarting out or an accomplished player.


Choosing a Grip

Did you know that too small of a grip can make the ball go to the left and too large of a grip can make the ball go
to the right? This can be fixed by custom fitting the grip size to your hand so you can grip the club properly which
will produce straighter more solid shots. There are many styles of grips to choose from. You should choose one that
feels good in your hands when you hold it. Your grips should be replaced every year to ensure a good hold on the club.


Choosing a Shaft

There are many varieties of golf shafts to choose from graphite, steel, titanium, and many other new materials that technology is offering. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the right golf shaft. Some of these are: material, length, flexes, flex point, butt and tip diameter. If the shaft flex is too strong or too weak, it can produce wild erratic shots with even a good swing. If the tip flex is too high, your ball flight will be low. If the tip flex is too low, your ball flight may be too high. If the shaft is too long or too short, it can affect your posture during your setup giving you almost no chance at hitting a solid straight shot.


Choosing a Club Head

There are many different styles of clubs to choose from. Choose whatever club looks the best to you, and make sure it has enough weight to feel the club head. Many knock off clubs have extremely light heads that will not perform consistently. There are two types of clubs to choose from, blades or perimeter-weighted clubs. Either will produce the desired ball flight if hit properly. There are also many woods to choose from. Woods are mainly made out of steel, titanium and graphite; however you can still find real wooden clubs in the bags of even the best players. Woods come in all shapes and sizes. It is important that you pick a design that looks good to you. If you are not confident with the club, you will not be confident when it is time to make a shot with that club.


Proper Lie Angle

Did you know that the lie angle of the club could cause shots to go off line? A club that is too flat can cause the toe of the club dig into the ground causing the shot to go right. A club that is too upright will cause the heel of the club to dig into the ground causing the shot to go left. There are several ways to check this; however the best way is to have your clubs checked by a professional. Then, using a loft lie machine bend them to the proper lie angle. By bending them, we will get the center of the club to hit the ground, which will produce a square divot that is the same depth from heel to toe. Lie angle is measured in degrees in relationship to the ground. There is no right or wrong lie angle, only the one that fits your swing.


Proper Loft Angle

The loft of the club is simply how many degrees the face angle is in relationship to the ground. A driver will have approximately 7 to 14 degrees of loft while a wedge will have 50 to 60 degrees of loft. Loft is important because it will allow you to control the distance of your shots. You must be careful when adjusting the loft of a club because it can create a dig or bounce sole that can ruin the characteristics of your clubs design. If you plan to change the loft of a club, consult a professional.


Club Repair Services

  • Re-gripping

  • Re-shafting

  • Loft Lie Adjustments

  • Frequency Analysis on Golf Shafts

  • Swing Weighting and Adjustments

  • Club Shortening and Lengthening

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