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The Putnam County Golf Course Receives High Praise from Golfweek Magazine

The Putnam County Golf Course got some high praise recently from golf experts who have rated some of the best courses in the world.

A team of four course raters from Golfweek Magazine came to play at Putnam on June 10 for the first time and said the course “should hold a higher ranking and position in the golf community than the well-kept secret that it is.”

Two of the course raters quickly emailed General Manager Mike McCall to commend the public course.

“I want to let you know how impressed our golf group was yesterday after playing Putnam County Golf Club,” Greg Wojick wrote. “All four of us are raters with Golfweek magazine and we get to see many facilities through our involvement in the rating process. It was by unanimous consensus that we praise not only the golf course and its architecture but also at how well the entire golf experience was for us.”

McCall, who has been General Manger of the Putnam County Golf Club since 2013, is also executive director of the Metropolitan Golf Course Superintendents Association, or MetGCSA. He said he was gratified by the course raters’ approval.

“They are raters in Connecticut and New York, they had never been here and they were looking for a place to play,” McCall said, describing how the group called him out of the blue and asked for a tee time. “I’ve always known that is a very well-conditioned golf course with a good design, but for people who have played the best courses in the world to come here and be so utterly flabbergasted, it is incredibly flattering. They just raved. They had a very, very enjoyable experience.”

Putnam County’s leadership deserves a lot of credit for the improvements that have been made in the course during his tenure, McCall said.

“Both the administration and Legislature have been incredibly supportive since day one,” he said. “They have recognized the potential of this asset and committed the financial resources to transform both the clubhouse and the golf course into the jewels they have become.”

The county owns the property and has helped the management team of McCall, appliedgolf and Homestyle Caterers turn it into a showcase, with renovations to the parking lot, banquet rooms, bunkers and green surrounds, bathrooms and much more. A few of the cart paths are now being repaired and roof and siding replacement is scheduled for this summer.

“We already knew our investments paid off in terms of providing a great resource for Putnam County residents, but to have the course recognized by outside golf experts shows that we’ve really turned the golf course into a gem that adds to Putnam’s quality of life,” Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell said. “The beauty of the Putnam County Golf Course is that it is not just for golfers. It now hosts fabulous dinners, entertainment and music events that bring in families from across the region to enjoy this wonderful landscape.”

The Putnam County Golf Course in Mahopac is less than an hour’s drive from New York City and lures golfers from all over the Hudson Valley and Connecticut. Golf is just one of many outdoor recreational activities that draw visitors to Putnam County, where hikers, bicycle riders and others are often surprised by the area’s natural beauty.

The course raters from Golfweek Magazine are among those who were surprised. “We have been concentrating on Courses in the Metropolitan area this Spring that are accessible to the public,” Senior Golfweek Rater Bill Perlee wrote in an email to McCall on June 11. “Putnam was in the elite group we have stumbled upon. From conditioning, layout and enjoyment it surpassed all expectations and left a smile on all our faces.” Like public golf courses throughout the state, Putnam County Golf Course is complying with all social distancing requirements. Reservations and pre-payment must be made online.

For the latest information, see the Putnam County Golf Course website:



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